Electrical Engineering facilities at New Mexico Tech include four academic laboratories, three project design spaces and a full array of state-of-the-art instruments and equipment.

"The Digital Lab"

Our Digital Electronics Lab is our largest single facility. Outfitted to handle 30 students working individually, each workstation includes a protoboard (electronic prototyoping and testing station), and a networked computer equipped with the latest software for designing and simulating digital and analog circuits. Other laboratory equipment includes logic analyzers, soldering stations, and general purpose work areas. In many ways this lab is the heart of the department.

A portion of the lab is setup as a lecturing/presentation space for 20 students and includes a LCD projector and speaker system.

The lab is open and staffed with a Lab Attendant who is always available to assist lab users. This facility also serves as our general computer lab so it is frequented by EE students working on projects and using the department computer network. Student design teams often meet here for planning and project work.

"The Analog Lab"

Our Analog Circuits Lab includes 19 work stations with digital oscilloscopes, function generators and power supplies. Analog Electronics and Circuits & Signals meet in this lab.

Controls/DSP Lab

Our Controls/DSP Lab is primarily used by upperclass students and serves many functions including controls lab, dsp lab, communications lab and design space for junior design. The lab includes 14 computer workstations, each with an oscilloscope, function generator and power supply.

  • When used for DSP lab, Texas Instruments DSP boards and other audio equipment are placed in the hands of the students.
  • When used for controls lab, a host of equipment and experiments designed for learning about control theory and implementing control systems is used.
  • When used for Communications lab, several pieces of state-of-the-art communications hardware can be paired with many pieces of test equipment to design and test antennas, waveguides, etc.
  • In the spring semester, this lab is also used by the Junior Design students who, working in teams, design robots to accomplish predetermined tasks. Past projects have included firefighting robots, and "Golfing Robots" that fetch golf balls and sort them by color.

Senior Design Lab

Senior design projects vary widely from satellite guidance systems to fiber optic time codes. As such, the Senior Design Lab is set up to serve design groups of varying needs. Each semester it is outfitted according to the needs of projects at hand. Often seniors are found here until the wee hours and after. As one of our most flexible spaces, the Senior Design Lab is well used.

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