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EE senior design project featured by NI

Project featured at NIWeek (click photo to enlarge)

Kudos goes out to the Portable Moun Tracker senior design team! Their hard work impressed National Instruments enough to feature the project at the NIWeek Expo and in an EDN article (see snippet below). Way to go William Maier, Wesley Chavez, Katherine Harriger and Nick Kallas!

(source: EDN Network)
"A portable muon tracker was being demonstrated by the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Essentially, muons are created by collisions of high-energy protons into the upper atmosphere. Hold out your hand, and one intersects it every second or so. They weakly interact with matter, passing through hundreds of meters of solid rock. However, the denser the material, the more the scattering. By using drift tubes surrounding an object, muons can be detected as they enter and exit. Combine that with high speed digitizers and (you guessed it) custom FPGAs, you can tell how much the muon path has changed or scattered. And that gives you insight into the density. Very dense material, such as uranium, deflects the muons. Build a tracking system large enough to put a cargo container through it, and you now can have a uranium detection system at any port of entry. Very impressive, but get this- this was a college senior project."