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2014 Junior Design

Group that competed and demonstrated robots at RoboRAVE International 2014

SOCORRO, N.M. May 3, 2014 - Students enrolled in EE 382 (Introduction to Design) were tasked to design prototypes of robots that have features ultimately applicable to the safety of people and property. Students were given the choice of designing a fire-fighting robot capable of putting out candles and competing in the RoboRAVE International competition or a beacon-finding robot capable of locating a hidden beacon emitting a radio frequency (RF) signal. Fire-fighting robots represent an automated method of locating and extinguishing a fire within a structure and beacon-finding robots represent an automated method of locating a lost hiker or aircraft.

Key aspects of the one-semester course were introduction to the design process; application of skills gained from earlier courses on electronics, micro-controllers, signals and systems, and electricity and magnetism; and oral and written communications.

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