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Junior Design 2016

SOCORRO, N.M. 6 May 2016 - Electrical engineering students successfully demonstrated their design project at the end of EE 382 - Introduction to Design course. The students where tasked with determining the feasibility of using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to monitor road conditions. This application is of high interest to the state of New Mexico. In order to access federal grants to maintain, fix and upgrade roads, the state has to generate an annual report evaluating the road conditions.

The electrical engineering students applied various concepts learned from different courses towards the design and implementation of a functional hex-copter instrumented with a wide range of sensors to collect the required data. The class was divided into sub-teams, each with a different responsibility. The students had to work within their own teams but also work with other teams to insure successful integration of the various subsystems.

All mounts required for attaching the sensors to the hex copter where designed and printed by the students using 3D printer that they have themselves built. The sensor suite on the UAV includes ultrasonic sensors, temperature sensors and camera. The camera was mounted on an actively stabilized gimbal to ensure accuracy of collected data.