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EE student Connor Brashar receives prestigious ION Student Award

Connor Brashar, an Electrical Engineering student at New Mexico Tech, has been chosen to receive a prestigious student award from the Institute of Navigation (ION). As part of receiving the student award, Connor's paper on GPS interference will be published in conference proceedings for ION's GNSS conference. He presented his paper at GNSS conference in September 2016. ION is the world's foremost organization of professional engineers in the field of Navigation, and provides networking and research coordination for the field around the world. The GNSS+ conference is the world's largest meeting for navigation related technologies and organizations.

Connor Brashar is a senior in the Electrical Engineering department at New Mexico Tech. He has been on the honor roll for four years, is a Tech Scholar, and acted as one of two mentorship coordinators for the Electrical Engineering department. He works to provide mentorship and assistance to students of all ages in the department. He also heads a committee for auxiliary services at New Mexico Tech where he coordinates events for students on campus to raise awareness for LGBTQ concerns and sexual harassment issues. He was an officer of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor's society on campus, and was the chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers student branch at New Mexico Tech.

Connor Brashar's paper, "An Analysis of Near-Band Harmful Interference on Civilian GPS Receivers" provides a detailed analysis of the effects of near-band interference on the operation of several civilian range GPS receivers. This research seeks to provide safe margins for GPS operation in the presence of near-band signals within 100MHz of the GPS civilian frequency. By analyzing the effects of interference on GPS receivers, the research hopes to present safety margins for signals that may clutter the frequency region around the civilian band. Connor's research in GPS interference was performed for the Joint Navigation Warfare Center in Albuquerque, NM as part of a summer internship in 2015.