Dr. Scott W. Teare


Office: Workman 223
Research Lab: Workman 220
Phone: 575-835-5839
Fax: 575-835-5332
email: Scott.Teare@nmt.edu
website: http://www.ee.nmt.edu/~teare

Ph.D., Physics, University of Guelph, Canada and the Guelph-Waterloo Physics Institute

Research Interests:
Experimental Adaptive Optics
Radiation Effects and Directed Energy

My primary research is in the area of Experimental Adaptive Optics. This includes wavefront control and manipulation in optical imaging systems and high-energy laser beam propagation. The work involves the application of knowledge from a broad range of areas including: electro-optics, parallel computing; atmospheric effects; telescope systems; optical fabrication and coatings; controls; and related instrumentation development. Recently I have begun working on radiation effects in semiconductor devices and how it impacts device operation and performance characteristics. Active research projects include wavefront sensing; parallel computing; radiation effects in semiconductors; beam steering and positioning.