Student Worker Info

The following is information outlining the student work opportunities within the EE department, as well as resources for those currently employeed.

Undergraduate student positions

The EE department hires undergraduate students for many positions each semester. Students are asked to apply and state their preferences for the available positions but no guarantees are given, as assignments are dependant on department needs and scheduling limitations. Below is a list of of the positions normally offered, each with a brief description

  • Lab attendant
    Staffs our Digital Lab during open hours. Responsible for user support, as well as the safety and security of the lab facility. This job is often combined with the Teaching Assistant and Grader positions where the TA or Grader performs the job of Lab Attendant while doing their grading work.
  • Teaching assistant
    Works with the lab instructor to assist in the learning environment. They help teach the labs and typically grade the lab books. TA positions are open to students who have taken and done well in the class and lab, and who demonstrate teaching interest, ability, and/or aptitude.
  • Grader
    Works with the professor to assist in grading homework for the course. Grader positions are open to students who have taken and done well in the class.
  • Technician
    Work with the lab manager to maintain and repair lab facilities and equipment.

Students seeking employment need to apply each semester. This includes both new and previous hires. Applicaions are available via the link below. Deliver the application in person to Chris Pauli in Workman 179. Positions are filled the first week of the ssemester, so try get your application in early that week.

Student worker related documents

  • EE student worker application [pdf]