Rene Arechiga


Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering Department

Contact Information:

Electrical Engineering Dept.
New Mexico Tech
Socorro, NM 87801, USA


Office: Workman Center, Rm. 211
Phone: 575-835-6881
Fax: 575-835-5332



Fall_2023: EE 4081 Capstone Design I

Spring_2023: EE 252 Digital Electronics

Fall_2022: EE 353 Analog Electronics

Spring_2022: EE 252 Digital Electronics

Fall_2021: EE 311 Signals and Linear Systems

Spring_2021: EE 252 Digital Electronics
Spring_2021: EE 362 Mixed Electronics Lab II

Fall_2020: EE 311 Signals and Linear Systems
Fall_2020: ES 332-01_Electrical Engineering

Spring_2020: EE 271 Mathematical Engineering
Spring_2020: ES 332-01_Electrical Engineering

Fall_2019: EE 211 Circuits and Signals I
Fall_2019: EE 271 Mathematical Engineering

Spring_2019: EE 212 Circuits and Signals II
Spring_2019: EE 382 Introduction to Design

Fall_2018: EE 231 Digital Electronics
Fall_2018: EE 231L Digital Electronics Lab
Fall_2018: EE 341 Signals and Systems

Spring_2017: EE 382 Introduction to Design
Spring_2017: EE 482 Senior Design Project II

Fall_2016: EE 231 Digital Electronics
Fall_2016: EE 481 Senior Design

Spring 2016: EE 212 Circuits and Signals II
Spring_2016: EE 308 Microcontrollers

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