June 11 - 13, 2012
Socorro, New Mexico

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2012 SPARC Data Assimilation Workshop

2012 SPARC Data Assimilation Workshop

Fidel Center 3rd Floor Conference Area,

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, New Mexico

11–13 June 2012



Monday Morning 11 June 2012 (Chair: Manney/Minschwaner)

8:30–9:00 Registration

9:00–9:20 Welcome:
Mary Dezember, NMT Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ken Minschwaner, David Jackson, Gloria Manney

Session 1 – SNAP

9:20–10:00 P. Hitchcock et al (Invited), Stratospheric Predictability and the Arctic Polar-night Jet Oscillation

10:00–10:40 M. Charron, et al (Invited), The Stratospheric Extension of the Canadian, Global Deterministic Medium Range Weather Forecasting System and its Impact on Tropospheric Forecasts

10:40–11:10 Coffee Break/Poster Viewing

11:10-11:30 Y. Zyulyaeva & S. Gulev, Troposphere-Stratosphere Interaction Diagnostics of the 3D Eliassen-Palm Flux and its Association with the North Pacific SST in Different NWP Products

11:30–11:50 D. Jackson, Intercomparison of Operational Stratosphere-resolving Global NWP Systems

11:50–12:10 SNAP Discussion (Charron/Jackson leading)

12:10–1:30 Lunch/Poster Viewing

Monday Afternoon 11 June 2012 (Chair: Schwartz/Davis)

Session 2 – Gravity Waves (GW)

1:30–2:10 M.J. Alexander (Invited), Gravity Waves: Contrasting Observations and their Representation in Climate Models

2:10–2:40 M. Pulido et al, A Model Independent Technique Based on the Ensemble Kalman Filter to Estimate Unresolved Gravity Wave Drag: Evaluation on the Lorenz 96 Model

G. Scheffler & M. Pulido, Impact of Gravity Wave Drag Parameter Estimation using Data Assimilation on the General Circulation of the Middle Atmosphere

2:40–3:00 Poster Previews

3:00–4:00 Poster Session I

4:00–4:40 D. Siskind (Invited), Case Studies of the Middle Atmospheric Response to Gravity Wave Drag using NPGAPS-ALPHA at Varying Resolutions

4:40–5:00 R.S. Lieberman, Tidal Variability in NOGAPS-ALPHA

5:00–5:20 GW Discussion (Alexander leading)

5:30 GW Side Meeting

6:00 Icebreaker

Tuesday Morning 12 June 2012 (Chair: Hitchcock/Santee)

Session 3 – S-RIP I

9:00–9:20 M. Fujiwara & S. Polavarapu, SPARC Reanalysis/Analysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP)

9:20–10:00 M. Rex (Invited), Studies of the Tropical Tropopause Region and Polar Ozone Loss – Two Areas that are Particularly Sensitive to Uncertainties in Meteorological Fields from Data Assimilation Systems

10:00–10:20 C. Long et al, Usefulness of the Recent Reanalyses to Provide Indicators of Climate Change

10:20–10:40 S. Chabrillat et al, Fitness of Meteorological Analyses by ECMWF and CMC to Model Tracer Transport in the Arctic Vortex 2010-2011

10:40-11:10 Coffee Break/Poster Viewing

11:10–11:50 K. Rosenlof (Invited), The Stratospheric Mean Meridional Circulation as Diagnosed from Reanalyses

11:50–12:10 A.E. Dessler & M.R. Schoeberl, On the Control of Stratospheric Water Vapor and the Implications for Climate Change

12:10–12:30 S. Davis et al, Multi-diagnostic Intercomparison of Tropical Width Time Series Using Models, Reanalyses, and Satellite Observations

12:30–2:00 Lunch/Poster Viewing/S-RIP Side Meeting

Tuesday Afternoon 12 June 2012 (Chair: Fujiwara/Dessler)

Session 4 – S-RIP II

2:00–2:20 G.L. Manney et al, Climatology and Variability of Upper Tropospheric/Lower Stratospheric Jets from MERRA Reanalysis

2:20–2:40 M.J. Schwartz et al, Characteristics of Multiple Tropopauses in Data Assimilation Systems as a Context for Analysis of Satellite-based Trace Gas Measurements

2:40–3:00 S. Davis et al, Variability and Trends in Effective Diffusivity from Reanalysis, and their Implications for Stratospheric Circulation Changes

3:00-3:20 S-RIP discussion (Fujiwara leading)

3:20–4:20 Poster Session II

Session 5 – DAS

4:20–4:40 J.P. McCormack et al, High Altitude Data Assimilation at the Naval Research Laboratory: Recent Results and Future Directions

4:40–5:00 C. Long et al, Current and Future Plans at NCEP for Reanalysis

5:00–5:20 L. Neef & K. Matthes, Assimilating Observations of Atmospheric Angular Momentum: Synthetic-Observation Experiments with NCAR's Community Atmospheric Model

5:20-5:40 Q. Errera & R. Menard, Spectral Representation of Spatial Correlations in Variational Assimilation Systems with Grid Point Models: Application to the Belgian Assimilation System of Chemical Observations (BASCOE)

6:30 Workshop Dinner (NMT Macey Center, North Patio)

Wednesday Morning 13 June 2012

(Chair: Alexander/Jackson)

Session 6Chem DAS

9:00–9:20 J.L. Neu et al, Joint Assimilation of Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer and Microwave Limb Sounder Ozone Measurements in the GEOS-Chem Chemistry Transport Model

9:20–9:40 K. Wargan et al, Recent Advances in Ozone Data Assimilation at the GMAO - Towards a New Reanalysis

9:40–10:00 M. Keller et al, (presented by Dylan Jones) Assimilating MOPITT CO Observations in GEOS-CHEM using a Weak Constraint 4D-Var Algorithm

10:00–10:20 F. Kolonjari et al, ACE-FTS Measurements of Anthropogenic Ozone Depleting Substances

10:20–10:50 Coffee Break/Poster Viewing

10:50–11:10 J. deGrandpre et al, On the prognostic treatment of stratospheric ozone in the Environment Canada global NWP model

11:10–11:30 T. Verhoelst, et al, Parameterized Observation Operators and Their Application on Illustrative 3D Atmospheric Chemical Fields

11:30–12:30 Overall Discussion/Wrap-up/Future Plans (Jackson Leading)

1:30 VLA Tour


Session I, staffed Monday afternoon

M.L. Santee et al, Variations in trace gas distributions in the upper troposphere and stratosphere deduced from Aura Microwave Limb Sounder measurements and their relationship to the strength of transport barriers diagnosed from meteorological analyses

W.H. Daffer et al, Intercomparisons of Upper Tropospheric/Lower Stratospheric Jet and Tropopause Diagnostics in Operational Data Assimilation Products

J. France et al, A Climatology of Stratopause Temperature and Height in the Polar Vortex and Anticyclones

G.L. Manney et al, Stratospheric Sudden Warming Signatures in Satellite Data and Data Assimilation Systems: Stratopause Evolution and Transport

S. Bancala et al, Analyzing the Preconditioning of Major SSWs in ECMWF Assimilations

J. Xu and A. M. Powell VUncertainty of the Stratospheric/Tropospheric Temperature Trends in 1979-2008: Multiple Reanalyses, MSUs, and Radiosondes

Session II, staffed Tuesday afternoon

K.W. Hoppel et al, Assimilation of SSMIS UAS brightness temperature observations for mesospheric analysis

S. Skachko et al, Ensemble-based Data Assimilation for Stratospheric Chemistry

A. Lambert et al, Aura MLS Near-Real_Time Processing Stream for use in Data Assimilation and in Support of SEAC4RS

W.A. Lahoz et al, Monitoring Air Quality: the Role of OSSE's in Determining the Future Global Observing System

R.S. Lieberman et al, Doppler Wind and Temperature Sounder

Links to presentations and posters arranged by first author:

Joan Alexander

Severin Bancala

Simon Chabrillat

Martin Charron

William Daffer

Sean Davis (tropical width)

Sean Davis (effective diffusivity)

Jean deGrandpre

Andrew Dessler

Quentin Errera

Jeff France

Masatomo Fujiwara

Peter Hitchcock

Karl Hoppel

David Jackson

Dylan Jones

Felicia Kolonjari

William Lahoz

Alyn Lambert

Ruth Lieberman (tides presentation)

Ruth Lieberman (Wind/Temp poster)

Craig Long (climate)

Craig Long (NCEP plans)

Gloria Manney (jets)

Gloria Manney (USLM poster)

John McCormack

Lisa Neef

Jessica Neu

Manuel Pulido

Markus Rex

Karen Rosenlof

Michelle Santee

Michael Schwartz

David Siskind

Sergey Skachko

Tijl Verhoelst

Krzysztof Wargan

Jianjun Xu

Yulia Zyulyaeva

Contact Information for Workshop Organizers:

Gloria Manney

phone: (575) 838-0323

David Jackson

Ken Minschwaner

phone: (575) 835-5226

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